"Dynamic, fresh and oozing style"

An all male line up serving up the perfect blend of classics for a night to remember. Covering everything from Backstreet Boys to Luther, this is a line up you can guarantee will take your entertainment to the next level. One of our most popular line up’s for Destination Weddings and International Events, offering a high level energy and an unbeatable sound. Using industry professional musicians, including our incredible front man who delivers exceptional vocals every time. Dynamic, fresh and oozing style, The Phat Cats Four bring that touch of ‘exceptional’ to your event! Some of their past show worldwide destinations include, France, Italy, Mallorca and Santorini!

Line up

This is our smallest full band line-up which is led by our Male Vocalist. There is an option to swap out the Male Vocalist and have a Female Vocalist instead, so if this is something you would prefer please just let us know. The rhythm section is made up of a drummer, bassist and guitarist. Like all of our acts this line up is also fully customisable so if there is something specific you would like, please do ask and we will make this happen for you. This line up offers two 45 minute sets of music with more sets available on request. The Phat Cats Four  line up will need a performance area of 8ft x 10ft to ensure there is enough space for us, our instruments and our performance.


This all male line up offer a high level energy using industry professional musicians, including our incredible front man who delivers exceptional vocals every time.We understand that when you hire a live band for your event you are looking to create a party like no other! We ensure that your dance floor will be full all night long. How do we ensure this? We know who we are, and we know what we can do! From the very first song we perform we will be right there on the dance floor partying with you. Not only do we provide a great set list for you, our musicians and vocalists will join you and your guests out on the dance floor, inviting you all to be part of our performance. If you want a real party and a night to remember in years to come then look no further and get in touch with us now.


Covering everything from Backstreet Boys to Luther this line up keep those hits coming track after track. When you book The Phat Cats you don’t just book a band, you book a company who can offer you that ‘personal touch’ to help create and bring your event to life. Charlotte & Matt (our Director & Musical Director), will work closely with you to build your perfect set list. We can offer advice and inspiration when it comes to thinking about your set list, and make sure that none of your guests will ever want to leave the dance floor. We can compose a bespoke arrangement for your first dance, create a mash up of your favourite songs and even provide music for different parts of your day, whether thats the Drinks Reception, Ceremony Music or an Awards Ceremony.


Our technical crew will usually arrive on site as early as possible to set up the PA System and Lighting Rig. The musicians will then arrive shortly afterwards to set up their instruments and sound check. It’s important for us to arrive and sound check before any of your guests arrive in order to give you the best sound quality in your event space. Charlotte will organise this with you when speaking to you about the finer details of your event. The technical team will stay on site for the duration of your event, where the will continue to manage the sound. All of our music will stop at midnight however, a later finish can also be requested

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The Phat Cats offer a wealth of options to entertain your guests all day long, not just for your evenings entertainment. Why not browse through our Drinks Receptions, Wedding Ceremony and Background Music upgrades by clicking here.

We recommend the below line ups that work well when you decide to hire The Phat Cats Four package. Click on each line up to read more.

Bespoke Duo’s: available subject to the band line-up you have booked for your evening show we are able to offer our bespoke duo entertainment for another part of your event. Hearing our talented vocalists perform well known songs in a stripped back acoustic style, is always a popular desired option

  • Acoustic Guitar & Male Vocals
  • Acoustic Guitar & Female Vocals
  • DJ & Roaming Sax Set

Next Steps

To go ahead and book The Phat Cats for your event please do get in touch. Our dedicated team will guide you through every step of the booking process from your very first enquiry until the day after your event. Whether your event is an international event, a wedding event, a corporate/party event or a military event, we are will be there every step of the way to work closely with you, and your events team to guarantee the band make your evening the best it can possibly be. As all of our line up’s perform worldwide, our team will take care of everything from the planning of the music right down to the travel logistics along the way.We will also answer any questions you may have and would be happy to schedule in a phone call to discuss your event in finer detail. We would love to work with you and provide the entertainment for your event so please do get in touch.